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The best Long Island Singles events in Nassau and Suffolk!

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How to flirt with class and confidence

There she is. She's got everyone’s attention.  Any man within 100 feet is looking at her!  She’s got them enthralled.  They're hanging on every word.  How does she do it?  Why are they so interested in what she has to say?  Why are they enthralled by her?


It is because she knows how to do it.  She knows how to flirt with class and confidence.

The reason people won’t flirt is they're scared of rejection.  Flirting, same as every other topic in dating, starts with confidence.  You must have the confidence and be brave.  

If you wear something a little sexy, it'll go a long way.

  1.  If you see someone across the room that interests you, make eye contact.  Look at them and catch their eye.  Don't stare or they might think you're weird.  Catch their eye and look away.  It's ok for them to know you may be interested.  Let them wonder.  Smile with your eyes.
  2. If he doesn’t come to you, approach him. Men are hunters and they need to hunt you but it's ok and hot for women to approach a man with a simple "hi".  You will know right away by his body language if he's interested. If he looks away and has a negative look on his face, move on, no biggie, say he looks like someone you know from college.  But if he's thrilled to have you there, proceed!
  3. Be happy.  If you are happy, he's going to want to know why and share your joy.  During our speed dating events, the happiest women are the ones that get the most yeses. 
  4.  Touch him.  Men love it when you slightly touch their arm, give them a little caress.  Be aware of the body language and signals you're giving off.  You're trying to tease him very subtly.  Cross your legs, arch your back, run your fingers through your hair.  Lean over and whisper something to him slowly.  It's ok to know what you're doing.  You'll drive him crazy with desire for you.
  5. When it's time to go, let him ask for your number.  Tell him maybe you'll give it to him IF he can remember your name.  Let him work.  Play available but hard to get.  He'll eat it up!


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Image description invites you to Celebrate The Single Life! 

Times are a changin'... In the old days single people were looked upon as outcasts of society... almost like lepers... or social pariahs... you name it!...

 Being single just wasn't Cool!... But No More!... 

Recent studies have found that on average, we now remain single for more than half of our lives... a radical social shift from past generations when men and women tended to marry early and stay that way for life.

So now it's not only acceptable to be single... a lot of people think it's the only way to go! Whether you're recently (and happily) divorced... or if you have been single for awhile and are out there playing the field, and loving it!... you know that these days, it's Great To Be Single!

We pride ourselves on attracting fun and interesting singles. 

Its a fun, informal way for you to meet new people!


Our low-pressure singles events are great ways to meet new people - and maybe that special someone. You can look over our events and find something that suits your fancy. There is no monthly fee and you just pay for the events you want to attend. It is that simple!

To Meet Someone Interesting
You Need to DO something interesting!


Life is about to get more exciting, and it all starts now!

We put the coolest people in the coolest places. The rest is up to you!

Rather then spending countless hours in front of your computer filling out three-hour profiles you can be out and about meeting sexy and available singles.  We recruit single men and women in a variety of fields to ensure a diverse crowd of eligible singles giving you the opportunity to finally meet someone "worth meeting".

Our parties are designed to be interactive, EASY & FUN ways to socialize, meet your match...or just have a great time!